Information about KellyBoat


KellyBoat: Sharing our family boating tradition in New England with you.

A Family of Boaters

As a multi-generational family of boaters, we take great pride in sharing our love for and expertise in motor and sail vessels. We know how you feel about your boat and the level of care she deserves. Welcome to KellyBoat.

Safety First

The top two contributors to boating accidents in 2016 were operator inattention and inexperience. (Statistical, 2017) Yep: that scares us, too. So, at KellyBoat only you or a fully licensed USCG captain will take the helm, never an inexperienced operator.

We’ve thought through it all for you, and present a perfect and safe way to share or experience a boat for the day.

You’re the boss

You determine when your yacht is available: whether it’s once mid-week so it’s ready to go when you want to take her out, or you decide to offer it more frequently, you are in charge, even when you are not aboard.

From our family to yours, welcome to KellyBoat!